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Frequently Asked Questions

SoundCloud Downloader is a tool to make HQ MP3 (128 & 320 kbps) from SoundCloud links.
Can I download a song from SoundCloud?
Yes! SoundCloud Downloader is a web-based app explicitly made to easily download SoundCloud music, tracks & songs in MP3 format. Just paste its URL in the above text box and click on the Download button to download a SoundCloud mp3 track. Download links will be visible in front of you. After that, you can easily save them in your system.
How to download songs from SoundCloud to your computer?
  1. At First, find out what songs you like!
  2. Copy their SoundCloud URL.
  3. Paste that URL in the text box and then click convert.
  4. After that, the converted mp3 file will be ready for download.
  5. Drag & play the audio file from the Downloads folder with either iTunes or any other mp3 playback devices.
Can I download a song from SoundCloud to my iPhone?
Definitely. You can do it on the SoundCloud Pro App. Remember this is a paid app. But our SoundCloud song downloader is totally free to use!
Can I download music from SoundCloud for free?
Of course. You need to paste its URL in the above text box and then simply click on the Download button.
Can I download music from SoundCloud app?
Of course! Start by playing the SoundCloud song. Then click the share button. You should be able to see an option Copy Link, click on that and open SC-Downloader. Next, paste the SoundCloud URL and click the Download button.
How to make an account on SoundCloud?
  1. Visit
  2. Click the Sign-up button in orange on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Choose your favorite music.
  4. Verify your account.
Can I listen to music offline on SoundCloud?
Yes, and to make that happen, you need to open the playlist and click the save offline button next to the Likes button. The orange progress bar present at the bottom of the screen on iPhone will show you the number of tracks left to save for offline listening. In the same manner, you could also check the same in the pull-down menu on Android.
Where will the SoundCloud songs be saved after the Download?
It actually depends on the browser that you are using. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, then your songs will be stored under the Downloads folder on Windows and Mac. However, if you can’t find the downloaded file, then you could check the download history by clicking Ctrl + J.
Can we download SoundCloud songs from Android mobile?
Yes, you can. This SC Downloader tool has a version that is highly optimised for Mobile use. Just enter the URL of the SoundCloud songs and then click Download. A few seconds later the download process will be initiated.
How does SC Downloader tool provide Downloads?
To be honest, this is not an official website of SoundCloud and is not related to SoundCloud. Therefore, we use the CDN of SoundCloud which goes through massive programs and codes, which in turn creates the download files of each mp3 file uploaded in SoundCloud.
Is the data of SoundCloud songs and playlist that have been downloaded by the user stored on SC Downloader?
Absolutely not. This SoundCloud Downloader is encrypted with HTTPS End to End Connection. No one can access the User Data. There’s no way through which we can store the songs that you download. It’s because the songs or images are downloaded from SoundCloud CDN Networks.
What is SC-Downloader?
SC Downloader is a tool using which you can convert and download music/songs in Ultra High-Quality MP3 format. We provide this service because SoundCloud does not allow song downloads. However, with our SC Downloader tool converting files to the mp3 format and downloading becomes super easy. Just copy the SoundCloud song and paste in the above form and click Download. Our tool immediately generates the download link for your SoundCloud song. Once Sound Cloud to mp3 conversion is ready you will be able to download it.
Why is SC-Downloader named as Best SoundCloud Converter?
With SC-Downloader, you can directly convert the SoundCloud songs by entering an URL in the above form. SC-Downloader has the fastest conversion speed among its peers and will take less than a second for converting a SoundCloud to MP3. Finally, SC-Downloader makes it easy for you to download the song with its actual name. Therefore, you won’t have to rename the song after its downloaded in your PC.
What is the maximum length of songs allowed on SC-Downloader?
SC-Downloader has the capacity of downloading songs longer than 3+ hours if uploaded on the SoundCloud Website. We have designed our tool to support downloads of tracks of higher time length (2+ hours). Thus, it is the best available tool for you.
What will be the quality?
We know you like your songs in high-quality. SC-Downloader also provides high-quality downloads of your favorite SoundCloud Songs. SC-Downloader converts the SoundCloud to Mp3 320 Kbps format. Therefore, you will get awesome quality music.
Why SC-Downloader?
SC-Downloader provides the answer in the below list, and so you will be able to understand quick and more profound:
✅ Instant Downloads
✅ Fast Loading Online SoundCloud Ripper
✅ Works perfectly fine on Mac OS
✅ One Tap Download
✅ Works On Android Mobile
✅ No JavaScript Required
✅ Ultimately, It’s for Free !

Why SC-Downloader?

✅ Instant Downloads
✅ Fast Loading Online SoundCloud Ripper
✅ Works perfectly fine on Mac OS
✅ One Tap Download
✅ Works On Android Mobile
✅ No JavaScript Required
✅ Ultimately, It’s Free!