How to Upload to SoundCloud [ 2 Working Methods]

How to Upload to SoundCloud

Soundcloud is the best music sharing platform. Soundcloud enables you to promote your music across the globe. It has been proven one of the greatest opportunities for upcoming musicians to get appreciated for their work worldwide. Some of the most basic requirements to how to Upload to SoundCloud are mention below.


It enables you to upload music and gives you the power to decide whether you want that music to be downloaded by other users or not. Some of the most basic requirements to how to Upload to SoundCloud are mention below.

How to Upload to SoundCloud

  • To upload an audio file, your Browser should be up to date. Soundcloud recommends you use the latest version of either Google Chrome for Mozilla Firefox to upload any audio file.
  • You need to confirm the email address attached to your account before starting any upload.
  • You need to check whether you have left time(upload) on your account or not. Soundcloud comes in both flavors, which are free and premium. The premium flavor again consists of a different variety of plans. 
  • A free SoundCloud account user will be allowed to upload 3 hours of music. Soundcloud allows a pro user to upload 6 hours of music has no upload limit.
  • The maximum size for a single file allowed by Soundcloud is 4 gigabytes (GB). A single file is having a limit of 6 hours 45 minutes above which the single file will be automatically divided into two parts.
  • Soundcloud will make your audio available in high quality if you upload it in stereo lossless formats. 

You need to check all of the points mentioned above before starting an upload for a better upload experience on SoundCloud.

Steps to upload an audio file to SoundCloud  

  • Open the web browser and log in (sign in) to your SoundCloud account.
  • You will find the upload option displayed on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click on the upload option in the navigation bar.
Upload Files
Upload Files
  • Now you will be opened to the upload page where you can click on ‘choose a file to upload,’ or you have a choice to ‘drag and drop’ the file on the upload page.
  • The uploading process of the file will start automatically after you choose the file or drop down the file on the upload page. It will indicate by a blue line on display on the screen.
  • Once the blue line is completed fully then all the data of your audio file have been uploaded successfully

The SoundCloud will automatically start transcoding the file into 128 kbps audio streaming transcode however if you want Your fans to download the original file which you have uploaded. You can enable the download for your soundtrack. The users who will download your soundtrack will get the original file upload by you instead of the transcod file by the SoundCloud.

You can add or change the information of your tracks and make it discoverable for more users. Optimizing the metadata with the help of a strong description and an eye-catching title. The more indexed your tracks are, the more discoverable it becomes for the users. 

Note: SoundCloud does not have a feature to let its users upload an audio file with the help of the Soundcloud application so far.

Uploading an audio file through an iOS device.

  • Launch the Browser on your iOS device and visit the SoundCloud website. 
  • In the bottom center of the screen, you will find an icon with a square and arrow upwards on it. Tap on that icon and select the ‘Request Desktop View’ option displayed on the popup window.
  • Now sign in to your SoundCloud account and go to the upload page.
Ios Soundcloud
Ios Soundcloud
  • Now click on the upload option and on the next page click ‘Choose a file to upload.’ 
  • A menu will open up, and you will be asked for the file’s location. Now click on the drive displayed on the screen. It will open your Google drive, which enables you to browse all your files on your iOS device.
  •  Now select the file and enter the information and Tap on ‘save.’ You have successfully uploaded your audio file on SoundCloud.


In this article, we saw two different ways to upload an audio file on SoundCloud. We hope this article helped you to understand ‘how to upload your audio file on SoundCloud.’ If you still face any issues, make sure your Browser is up to date. You can check the number of minutes left for upload if you are a free user or a pro user on the upload page itself. The amount of the minutes remaining will be displayed on the upload page and if the file you uploaded will be larger than the minutes remaining on your account the file will be automatically be hidden after the upload unless you make room for the file.


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