How to Monetize SoundCloud | Best Ways to Do It

How to Monetize SoundCloud

Have you ever got the courage to showcase your singing talent to the world? Just imagine the chunks of immense popularity you will bring in if people are legitimately speechless by your skillset? Then there you stand out of the crowd, eminently. Well this is all possible on SoundCloud. This article talks about the ways about how to monetize SoundCloud.

Most of us would love to listen to songs, may it be rap, melody, fast-tracks, anything to get your mind serene intermittently, and give it some peacefulness. Or if bored with your routine day to day work and want to give your brains some boost up the energy to normalize the situation. Then here you go!  


There’s this platform for you, specially built to record soundtracks, showcase your expertise and even listen to some fantastic rap music intonation all exclusively performed by people with common interests, just like you living their dreams within themselves. To be honest enough, you can even start by learning how to monetize SoundCloud. Are you surprised? So, how do you do that? That’s what you’ll render in this article.

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How Does SoundCloud Work?

In the following article, we will discuss about the workings of the app and the ways through which you can learn how to monetize SoundCloud.

Signing into SoundCloud

It works in the same way, just like all other signups do. It’s simple and easy. Log on to “,” put in your email address, enter your phone number, or else you have the option to link your account with your Google or Facebook requesting a new one.

Here, you set yourself as a beginner. Once done, you are all set as a creator, and now you can plunge into various kinds of enterprises. Moreover, you can easily record/upload your music tracks, either publicly or privately. It will make your social media account exciting, and people can readily download and listen to your tracks. Precisely, for establishing a fan base, you may now engage with your fans by replying to their comments.

You can even start listening to other uploads and start following them for their updates while your recommended playlist helps you to explore more.

Once done with the things said above, there will be regular updates on your feed, and people can follow other tracks of your interest to gain mutual benefit between the artists.

The next step we’ll be seeing is about how to start monetizing your tracks? Putting it simply, how do you make money out of your content? 

A survey-based on sound cloud says that “almost 75% of the users make money regularly.” You might already be wondering about how to monetize SoundCloud.

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How to Monetize SoundCloud?

You’re supposed to register with the premium account to get access to start monetizing, and even before that, make sure you are under the eligibility criteria. So, what are these?

  1. You are supposed to be a self-realistic composer, meaning your tracks should contain its individuality as it cannot accept any such composing without original content.
  2. There should be legal copyright policies officially obtained for your music tracks and you would have received an email from the team verifying the same.
  3. Very importantly, you should be a “Pro unlimited subscriber” on the cloud.
  4. You must have published a minimum of 500 original tracks on your feed in the past.
  5. Lastly, a minimum set of subscriptions and downloads are needed to start your task.

Mainly, the monetization happens from the united states, Canada, France, Berlin, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and all other countries where Soundcloud is pretty much ongoing and at reach to people.

If you have gone through the rules and regulations of how to monetize SoundCloud, then you’re ready to go ahead.

  • There’s a unique creator partner program that sound cloud offers for the musicians who satisfy the guidelines mentioned above and to start making money.
  • It happens via paid advertisements that come along with the soundtracks they’ve uploaded. Each time a track gets played, there are subscription ads at the beginning or the end. Precisely, it reaches out to people with easier methods.
  • Furthermore, it also offers a maintenance structure so that the musician can do the service they desire for. If you’re a premier user, there will be unlimited upload time awards, the share of revenue, and exclusive promotional tools that can generate a much stable income than the partner users.

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  • Partner users are those who are new to sound cloud and as stated earlier, this tier is also completely free. Before moving on to “Pro tier”, the users for one time may upload for maximum three hours of content.
  • “Pro tier” users have unlimited access to uploads and even downloads. It helps you to have a set of record tracks and the social media sites which are contingent upon their uploads but premier level tier is one of the profitable features.
  • The “premier level tier” gives the musicians an extra benefit of advertising and hatch some amount of money out of it. The artist receives payment for their every ad played on their sound track. The audio ads will be available only to the users who use a premier tier account.

So, the band and the entire composing team can generate revenue out of paid promotions. I have an option that this can be their part-time business or even a backup option in the least case. An artist can make up to $5000 to $6000 on a sound cloud premier tire easily. The methods of how to monetize SoundCloud might not match with the amount that an artist makes with his album. However, if the rap or the tune goes viral, it can become an internet sensation overnight!


Therefore, there are some of the ways about how to monetize SoundCloud. The SoundCloud can indeed kick start your career in the music industry worldwide. It gives you a great exposure to develop your progress and to provoke a nominal income. 

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